Wednesday, February 10, 2010


((NOTE: This album also contains "Zakuro," the song played when Seras goes against Zorin, and the ED for Hellsing Ultimate 7, "Shintou Shite." There seems to have been a little confusion regarding that.))

THE DAWN! And only 4 days late, too! You can't get much more fashionably late than that. (The scans I did also can't get much more fashionably HORRIBLE. Seriously, they are bad this time.)

THE DAWN contains the awesome ED for Hellsing Ultimate 6, Suilen's "Magnolia."

Though, to call this a "single" would be an understatement. It's more like a mini-album, given that it has 5 tracks on it. If you're not necessarily a Hellsing fan, but enjoy Suilen, this might not be a bad grab for you!

Ahh, it was nice to put together a relatively small release for once. I imagine Seamo's "Lost Boy" will be as easy when it comes in about 8 days.

Anyway, your usual download options are here:



As per usual, these rips also have torrents listed over on Tokyo Toshokan, Jishaku Toshokan, and Nyaatorrents. These direct download links are here in case those torrents ever wind up dead. Should these links break as well, please contact me and I'll get on it as soon as I see the e-mail.


  1. Thanks. When available, could you also post the ED for Hellsing Ultimate VII, also by Suilen?

  2. @Anonymous

    It is actually on this very CD, my good man. Track 5. Along with Zakuro, the song which plays when Seras goes full-vampire against Zorin.

  3. Ohh, excellent. many thanks. those were the songs i have been going crazy over. Hope to see more of your releases. Out of curiosity, if you happened to have watched Tears to tiara and obtained the two OSTs (not the ones for the game), would you post them. I have been smacking my head against the wall looking for them.

  4. @Anonymous

    Sorry, I have no Tears to Tiara OSTs. However, a quick search on Tokyo Toshokan in the music section shows that some HAVE been ripped in the past. Unfortunately, getting them is still your epic quest.

    Good luck!

  5. the FLAC archive is corrupted, specifically, Winrar won't unpack the 4th song, claiming a CRC error.