Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Franken Fran Volume 4, Chapter 24


The second release from Hox and I, Franken Fran chapter 24!

A quick note about the 2-page spread-- I didn't notice this was actually a spread until after I'd finished typesetting and uploading the chapter. I quickly attempted to join the two pages together, but since I had cropped and leveled them separately, they weren't going to fit together 100%.

I am also not a master when it comes to graphic arts, so this is the best it'll get without re-scanning the pages in. I really don't think it's so bad. Let me know how you feel about it, yeah?

Anyhow, as always, go give thanks to your lord and master, Hox!

Download it here, or on Hox's page as well!


  1. Thanks a lot for this!

  2. Thanks, Amuro (and Hox too of course), I've been subscribed to a RSS feed of Franken Fran on One Manga ever since I first read them, which has probably been a year ago, hoping for at least monthly updates. I was just about to remove the RSS feed completely from my reader when you guys made an update, which is absolutely awesome. Keep up the good work!

  3. @ Don Andy

    Always happy to help someone procrastinate further, Don!

  4. Hurray, more Franken Fran.
    Thanks for the hard work and the time you spend in these releases.


    Seriously, though, I am SO psyched to see someone finally pick this up. I was going crazy being stuck at ch23 since SnoopyCool disappeared.

  6. Amigo, gracias. No te respondo en inglés porque tardaría mucho en escribirlo, además así se ve más colorido el post.
    También espero desde hace más o menos un año este manga.
    Los felicito por todo el trabajo, la edición y traducción son excelentes, sigan así.
    ¡Mil Gracias! Te sigo desde ahora.

    Saludos desde Argentna.
    [Sabelo, sos internacional]

  7. I forgot, about the 2-page spread, it´s ok. Don´t you mortify youselft.

    Keep up the great work.