Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter #168

Earlier, I saw someone link to translations and raws for Hayate no Gotoku! Chapter 168, and since I wasn't doing anything else, I decided to have a go at editing it.

If you're into the series, go ahead and grab the chapter here:


  1., hayaterocks here. truth is, i'm working on this with Lucid_Yume (to fill the gap)...thx for speeding up the process. Then again, plz make sure to PM me (I have accounts on mangafox, mangahelpers, and MAL), wait 24 hours, or a reply, THEN USE IT. THX(tho it's too late now)... I leave all translations public, so technically anyone can use it, but i'd like a little courtesy...rite now, Lucid_Yume is having a bit of a fit. If u get the chance, plz apologize to him (he needs it really badly).

  2. @hayaterocks

    My apologies. You had a note to "scanlators" at the beginning of your translation, so I figured this wasn't a private project. I also do not know the specifics of how mangahelpers works, so I was not aware that it was necessary (or necessarily bad manners to use it once posted publicly) to go through the process of PMing and asking permission.

    Inform Yume that I have sent him a private message on Mangafox, if you would be so kind.

  3. thx for checking out my comment. I'll make sure to tell him. To tell u the truth, mangahelpers is public, so there really isn't a "need" to ask for permission...but it's nice on the translator's side to kno who's doing the scanlating. lol. Hope to c u around!

  4. @hayaterocks

    I am glad to see you responding calmly and in a civil manner. After reading your response, I feel that I should have asked your permission whether your scripts were open or not, and I regret my lack of foresight on the matter.

    Also, I had submitted the chapter to Onemanga as well, but had somehow managed to leave your handle out of the uploader box upon submission. I want you to know that it was completely accidental, and I am currently in the midst of contacing onemanga staff to have your name added to that as soon as possible.

    I hope that this now brings the situation between you and I to a close, and I hope there are no hard feelings.

  5. thanks to both of u!! the gap is finally closed!! yay :P

    good job and keep going!