Sunday, April 11, 2010

Franken Fran Volume 4, Chapter 29

Couldn't use the credit jokey-joke from this chapter because it gives things away.

Anyway, I've been waiting to get this one out for a while, because I think it's particularly amusing. Hope you all enjoy it, too.


  1. Having trouble figuring out what happened to Dr Serizawa's Tamako.

    Well it's obvious something went wrong, but I don't understand what it is exactly. :x

  2. @Anonymous

    I don't think it's clear to anyone, even Hox or myself.

    All I understand is that her Tamako went horribly wrong in a similar way to the Voodoo Wasps.

  3. Hmm, is the insect woman in the front the same Kaneda from Ch. 2?

  4. Why yes, she is. I thought it was obvious.

  5. Oh my god, you guys are right, even though she looks more like an insect than she was in chapter2 at the end, the name is clearly the same
    so the father is the dead boyfriend?

  6. thanks for scanlating, you guys are doing a great job! Please keep it up!