Sunday, April 18, 2010

Franken Fran Volume 4, Chapter 30

Excellent chapter, this time. Sadly, last full chapter of the volume. Extra chapter next update, and then that's all for quite a while.


  1. The lack of Veronica makes me sad a little :(

  2. nah, i liked a chapter that focused on Okita, and a murder case for a chapter was quite nice too

    i thought the names were kinda dumb until i realized fran would be FF XP

  3. No, Fran would be FM (the good music).

    This is the first time, I think, we see Fran get angry, amazing, even when she was killed she was "nah, we are okay".

    As a proposal / request, why don´t you do a re-realease of Volume 3 with High Quality scans (also first chapter of Volume 4).

  4. Thanks for the scan :o

    Oh and by the way, I love your jokes at the end of every chapter. Keep them coming xD

    And is anyone able to tell me why exactly Fran connected their faces? And gave them knives? I mean why didn't she just paralyz them temporarily or something ...