Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Franken Fran Volume 4 Extra

Thus, we bring Volume 4 to a close.


  1. that was an awesome chapter, perfect way to end this volume
    and i'm soo with veronicas remark at the end
    it's even more distburnign than the original story!

  2. There's a drama cd? Must... find...

  3. Yeah, there is a Drama CD. I tried to find it, but failed miserably. I do know that Fran is voiced by Horo's VA and Veronica by Nagato's, and that it consists of Chrysalis, My Little Sister and Lust chapters.

    So, no approximate dates for the volume 5, right? Okay, we're patient enough.

  4. A great way to end the volume! Thanks for the scans and kudos to Veronica for chucking the cinema chair to the screen. Even I would do something like that.

  5. Great work with this volume!
    I hope to see the rest of Franken Furan be translated one day. =')

    Im actually surprised no one was translating this series for awhile, is’nt Franken Furan really popular?

    // M

  6. @M:
    well, gore and dark humour is not for everybody. Though the series is well received on places like 4chan

  7. Thanks SO much to you and Hox for picking up the translation for this!

  8. Thanks for translating Franken Fran, This extra chapter is awesome.