Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Franken Fran volume 5, chapter 33

And chapter 33 is go! Another good Veronica chapter. We'll be back to scientific weirdness next time.

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  1. thanks for the release!
    ( how come 38 & 39 came out first? :) )

  2. Yay~
    Sweet chapter, thanks.


    I got nothing else to say.

  3. @Anonymous

    Chapters 38 and 39 came first because we found a raw provider who could get us scans of the magazine Fran runs in.

    You're getting these other chapters now because we had to wait for volume 5 to be released to get them.

  4. Veronica chapters rocks, she is easily my favorite character (who has glue in her hat :) )

    Now that "organization" and the "Maraduki Moster"... I wonder if there gonna be a big plan in the long run. Maybe a saga of various chapters instead of one-shots

  5. thanks for the release guys :)