Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Franken Fran chapter 41

[EDITEDITEDITEDIT EDIT] HEY EVERYONE. Some guy on Mangafox reported a trojan in Fran 41. Hox and I both scanned the .rar and turned up nothing, but if you could all give it a shot with your respective software and get back to me with the results, that'd be super. [/Edit]

Fran's shoulders, bandage babes, nunservice-- final destination.

Also, mediafire is playing the race card (it's jealous I'm as white as the moon) and I can't upload anything to it, so download link is courtesy of Hox.



  1. Wow Irukandji jellyfish really exist

  2. No threat found on Avast. Nunservice indeed, the whole vatican thing reminded me of the Ecclesiarchy from 40k. Thanks for the release!

  3. McAfee didn't pick up anything. Though the upload on Magnafox doesn't seem to be working. I don't know if that's just me though.

    Thanks for all your work, I really enjoy this series.

  4. I checked with Avira and it said there was nothing wrong in the file.

    Anyway thanks for the release once more. Did you guys notice the allusion to Hellsing by the way?

  5. Chapter was OK, thanks for the translation and the providings etc.
    Veronica really is pure fan-service *grin*.

  6. Great Chapter
    but i was hoping more religion vs science action

    and also, even though fran explained what those things are and why they seem to speak human language, WHY oh hell is the big one talking like the devil?

  7. Nuffin'!

    And about time the Sisters put the fear of the Emperor into those godless jellyfishes!

  8. AVG finds nothing.

    And this was an odd, odd chapter.

    Creepiest one yet, too. *hates jellyfish*

  9. Wow, and I just watched a Discovery Channel documentary on irukandji a couple of days ago. They even said the only way to keep them alive in captivity was to use a circular tank and everything. Damn synchronicity. So creepy.