Saturday, January 8, 2011

Franken Fran chapter 46

Another month, another Fran. Slightly later than usual because everyone had their own holiday stuff to take care of right around the magazine's street date, but not too shabby.

This chapter was an experiment in basically automating the cleaning process by including some filters and other effects into a set of actions. I'm mostly happy with it, save for page 18 where it really muddied up the grays. If anyone has any tips on how to prevent that without changing the look of the other pages too much, I'd be happy to hear from you.

Switching to this process is mostly to save time. I'm working for a new company now, and no longer have the amount of free time I used to.

Blah blah blah, here's your download, chilluns:

[EDIT] Had to fix a typo and reupload the .rar. If you downloaded the old one, get this instead. It was a very small fix. [/EDIT]


  1. Thank you as always!

  2. Thanks, you're a good person!

  3. The sad part is, it is possible to patent surgical procedures in real's basically a legal dickmove.

    Don't know if it's enforceable though.

  4. About the cleaning:
    Well, the question is how does the raw look like? How you clean depends a lot on the raw. I have a few fast cleaning techniques myself(because i wanted to experiment with fast cleaning too some time ago) however i would have to try them out first on your raws
    Of course, it also depends on wether you want the screentone to look like screentone, flatgray or that weird stuff mangahelpers does.

    As for this chapter:
    Fran in a sailor school uniform: hhhhnnnggg, i waited for this day!(i hate her normal school uniform)

    To be honest, i expected a different ending, with her becoming thin and then become some kind of monster suddenly or something.

  5. @Kibate
    Slenderman, perhaps?

  6. To clean or not to clean, that is not the question.
    The question is, to get a new chapter of franken fran or no chapter of franken fran.

    I don't care of its clean or messy, I require additional chapters of Franken Fran.
    And I has recieved. But I still require another additional Franken Fran chapter.