Thursday, February 3, 2011

Franken Fran 47

Sorry, bronies, but it's true. We're infected. Our love of poni is a disease.

Anyway, here you go!


  1. MLP is only slightly better than Fran. If the two were mixed together somehow, the awesomeness would fucking explode me from the inside out.

    Thanks for the Fran.

  2. wah at last chapter 47, I can't wait the next chapter~~~

  3. Woah, bronies out of fucking nowhere these days. Thanks for the chapter!

  4. Wait, didn't the previous chapter end in a cliffhanger as well?

    That was the end of it?

  5. Reading this made me hungry. Think I'll go find a small child to munch on.

    Thanks as always.

  6. Thanks for the continuing to bring us Franken Fran guys. Top stuff!

  7. Is it me or does the recent chapters seem to lack any sort of real conclusion? Is the author trying to tie them up together in one grand finale or something?
    Both this and the last chapter had something to do with "hunger" issues after all.

  8. SIR.

    Your fantastic sense of humor that subtly shows through in your scanslation efforts was enough to make me come here and post to let you know:
    I fucking lol'd.
    Dem Franken Fran credit page edits
    My favorite parts of the chapters, now.