Saturday, October 15, 2011

Franken Fran chapter 57

We apologize for the delay.

It is with a heavy heart that I announce I have made the decision to step away from Fran. In reality, I probably should have done it quite a while ago, but I suppose I am getting stubborn in my old age of 25.

When Hox and I first started this project, I was a vital component. I was the only one doing scans, and without those, Hox couldn't translate. However, my well of usefulness dried up when he belted out all of the available tankouban material like a machine and we had to find someone to scan magazine raws for us.

That man was Vexed, to whom we are eternally grateful. Vexed probably could have done all the editing himself, and he could have done it much better, but as I said, I had become a bit stubborn. I'd developed an emotional attachment to the project and wanted to keep doing it.

When I really sit down and look at it, that emotional attachment of mine is what hindered our progress at times. While I still love Fran as a series, I have fallen out of love with it as a project. I'm willing to turn it over to a different (and probably far more capable) set of hands.

Fran will continue under Hox's watchful
EYES OF THE GODS, but I do not know who will be editing from hereon. If you head over to Hox's lovely place, I'm sure he'll keep you informed in the future.

Almost a year and a half, and 38 releases. A year and a half and 38 releases further than we were when we started. I'm okay with that.

Without further ado, Franken Fran 57:
Chapter 57


  1. will you be doing any thing else or is this the end for you entirely

  2. Thanks a lot for your dedicated work.

    I hope whoever continues the scanlation does such a great work as you.

  3. oh, and I'll miss your jokes at the end of every chapter.

    They were already part of the manga.

  4. oooh, I'm going to miss your Jokes page T_____T Why don't u continue on the project?

  5. As others said, you did make reading Franken Fran an unique experience, and it won't be the same without you. Thanks for all your time!

  6. Thanks for all your hard work on Fran.

  7. Sorry to hear you will leave the scan project.

    Thanks for all the excellent work in editing this great series.

  8. I will you making ze magicks!
    You sure you can't reconsider this decision?

  9. Thanks man. Really, thanks.
    After giving your time to this project for so long, I just want to say thanks.
    Thanks for keeping Fran in my life.
    Take care, enjoy life.
    And thanks again.

  10. you'll be sorely missed Amuro! Sad to see you go, we love you from the waist down! Take care =P.

  11. Thanks for all the Fran chapters you gave us, man. I was really happy to find this website after reading a credit page somewhere and loved getting the updates on Fran. I appreciate the replied emails too. If it weren't for you I probably would have given up on finding chapters a loong time ago. Thanks again, and those jokes will never be forgotten! XD

  12. Thank you for the work, Amuro. 3 years ago I'd all but given up on this manga when snoopycool disappeared, but then you and hox went and picked it up. Dude, seriously I cannot thank you enough. Cheers mang, know that you own all of my internets. All of them.

  13. Thanks for everything, mate.

  14. Thanks for ensuring my Fran prescription never ran dry. All the best for the future.

  15. Thanks for all your hard work, the three of you did better work than most large scanlation groups!

  16. Thanks for your work, Amuro! That's 38 releases well spent!

  17. Aw man you'll be missed :c
    I'm hoping the project will still stay afloat though. I see all the time projects being thrown to the wayside due to lack of staff

    Thanks for all your releases though
    I don't know what we would have done without you guys after SnoopyCool went down