Sunday, May 13, 2012

Franken Fran volume 8 extra

Well, here it is. The very last piece of Fran material to be published, the volume 8 extra titled "Curtain Call."

Goodnight, children.


  1. omgoshhh!thank u!!! thank u <333

  2. Good night, and thanks for the tale.

  3. amuro are going to continue scantalatin in the future

    1. Someone asked me that earlier, and my answer was "Probably not, because most groups wouldn't tolerate me."

      I like to work on a fairly relaxed schedule, and the name of the game for most groups is releasing as quickly as possible to beat other groups. I am also not the most skilled editor, so the projects would probably suffer.

      Plus, I've learned to really value my free time. I work a lot, so it has become important to me to have time to do what I want. I don't mind working on something every so often, but I'd get burnt out if I were expected to do it all the time.

      If Hox or someone comes to me with an interesting project I think I'd be a good fit for I'll consider it, though.

  4. Thanks for introducing this great series~

  5. Won't you do Arthur Pyuty?

  6. Necha, thanks for bringing that to my attention. I was not aware Kigitsu was doing yet another series.

    However, I am not a translator. Hox would be the one to ask about working on this.

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