Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Franken Fran chapters 58, 59, Phase 20 chapter 2, Porno Graffiti chapter 2

Hello, it's been a while!

Yes, I'm aware that I quit. No, I am not back for good.

The story: I am basically on temporary unemployment until January 16th, so to fight boredom, I asked Hox for some work to do. While Fran 58 was already done by the new editor, I was assigned Fran 59, Phase 20 chapter 2, and finished up Porno Graffiti chapter 2.

Also, Hox is behind the Great Firewall of China and is currently unable to update his site with these releases. Rest assured that they're legit, but you won't find them on his page for a while.

Here are some handy download links, and like last time, please remember that Porno Graffiti, as its name suggests, is adult content. It's porn. Keep away from it if you have no business looking at it.
Fran c58
Fran c59
Phase 20 c2
Porno Graffiti c2