Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Franken Fran volume 5, chapter 33

And chapter 33 is go! Another good Veronica chapter. We'll be back to scientific weirdness next time.

Go on:

Monday, June 28, 2010

Franken Fran volume 5, chapters 31 & 32

We've finally got volume 5 going, so you get two chapters today to celebrate! Actually, it's more like chapter 32 didn't really feel like Franken Fran much at all, so I'm posting it along with 31 to make up for it. Still a good chapter, though!

Delicious brown girls and more Kamen Rider. Boy howdy!

Chapter 31:
Chapter 32:

Unrelated to Fran, but I just noticed that Viz has put out the first volume of Dorohedoro. Go get it, faggots.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Legend of The Strongest Man Kurosawa

"What is that frightening man it's not moe like Fran at all in fact is that a bear good lord what the hell why isn't this post about Fran Fran Fran Fran Fran when Fran now I'm mad that this isn't Fran--"

Excellent question. If, for some bizarre reason, you didn't see the post on Hox's page first, I'll be helping out (see "ruining") Zawanons with Fukumoto's (Akagi, Kaiji, Ten) Legend of The Strongest Man Kurosawa when I've got the time and energy to do so.

This is the only post I'll make about it here on this blog, as far as I can see right now. Please direct yourself to Hox's site or the Zawanons mediafire page for all news and releases.

If you're a regular reader of Kurosawa, you'll know when I edited a chapter when you encounter something that makes you feel upset inside. If you haven't checked it out yet (yeah right), you'd might as well since there's no Franken Fran right now.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Franken Fran Chapter 39

Two Fran updates in 2 days? It must be Christmas. Here's chapter 39, raw graciously provided by Vexed once again.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Franken Fran Drama CD

[DOUBLE EDIT XTREME EDITION] I got a couple e-mails about the mediafire link to the Drama CD not working. Re-uploaded, replaced the old link below with the new one. Should work now! Sorry it took me so long. [/DOUBLE EDIT XTREME EDITION]

[Edit] If you happen to download the mediafire file, please be a bro and stick the .rar in whichever folder your torrent downloads default to, and download this torrent file to help me seed! [/Edit]

Hunted down a copy of the Fran drama CD that was mentioned in the Volume 4 author's notes and ripped it. Dozo.

Ami Koshimizu (Horo) and Chihari Minori (Yuki Nagato) are Fran and Veronica. The files range between 160-170kbps. I realize this is not the highest bitrate, but it's more than listenable given that it is not music.

The CD is close to an hour of the chapters Chrysalis, My Little Sister, and Lust fully acted out with sound effects, in case you're not familiar with what a drama CD is. Simply look up the chapters of the same name if you need a refresher on what's going on.

Man, Fran is a lot more unnerving with all the screaming, sawing, splashing and sucking.