Thursday, July 28, 2011

Franken Fran 52 and 53

Fact: chauvinism is always funny.

Well, here we are. That time of the month and with a double release! Now, we found a guy in Japan uploading his own scans to Share, so Hox snagged them and we're using his raws for now. Since 52 and 53 were tankouban scans, we decided to go with those even though Vexed had already scanned chapter 52 from his magazine. It saved time on cleaning in the long run.

We don't know how reliable this moon-man will be, so Vexed could very well return for raw-providing duties in the near future. I personally know what a pain in the butt it is to scan page after page after page, so head over to Vexed Scans and thank him for all of his help. Without Vexed, our effort on scanlating Franken Fran would have been hindered greatly.

Also, thanks to Hox (for translating as always, dur) for giving me his personal mediafire links for these chapters. I was having internet trouble tonight.

Chapter 52
Chapter 53


  1. You just made my night bro
    thanks <3

  2. I am not one for the dramatic. I do not indulge in charismatic speech. Yet, I can no longer keep silent of this one fact. From my humble knee, from the mightiest mountain, I must declare!

    Fran is mai waifu!

    (So it follows, Hexed, Vox, Amuro and some random Japanese fellow, are our cupid.)

    Can a man not love paper?!
    Can he love an idea?

    *extended rant removed*

  3. Thanks to everyone involved for your work.

  4. I don't know if you already know this, but the raws of chapter 54 and 55 are already avaliable in Filesonic links. I can provide them if you want to.

    Anyway, thanks for the release again. Franken Fran just keeps getting better and better.

  5. I hate the English language, it doesn't allow me to express how much I really appreciate your efforts and how much I love Fran.

    Thank you.

  6. >54 and 55 are already avaliable

    Yes, we already have them. We hope to release them next week.

    Thanks, though!

  7. A single helping of Fran is delicious enough, but two is just spoiling us. You guys are awesome.

  8. Two at once and propably two more next week. It's more than spoiling, this is like a blessing from god's that are you guys.

  9. Wow, Fran created Ika Musume.

  10. Ooooo, that poor journalist.