Saturday, February 6, 2010


And now for something completely different-- the OST for Trapeze!

If you weren't fond of the Railgun or NEEDLESS soundtracks perhaps there's something of interest to you in this one. Some really neat, and sometimes strange, stuff here. I like it!

And since I'm sure you're wondering, Mayumi-chan's theme is track 5, "It's LOVE" and FUKUICHI DESU's them is track 10, "Hampuku yokotobi". But hey! Don't stop there! Cruise down to track 11 for some more sweet jams by Denki Groove with "Mononoke Dance" if you liked the OP and ED songs.

You can diagnose yourself either

320kbps mp3



Pick whichever you want, you're still getting an injection!

Again, these rips also have torrents listed over on Tokyo Toshokan, Jishaku Toshokan, and Nyaatorrents. These direct download links are here in case those torrents ever wind up dead. Should these links break as well, please contact me and I'll get on it as soon as I see the e-mail.


  1. this is great and quite unexpected, thank you. but I am still looking for the Upside Down single. maybe you own a copy?

  2. I do not own a physical copy of it to rip, no. However, it HAS been released by Nipponsei not too long ago; November 17th, as a matter of fact.

    However, they released it under "Kuuchuu Blanc" which would have hindered your results if you were searching with "Trapeze."

    The torrent is still listed in Tokyo Toshokan, though I have not verified if it is still seeded. If that fails, you can always get it from their IRC channel. If you've never done that before, it's actually quite easy.

  3. Yeah, thanks for the reply, I know about the mp3 rip, but it sounds very plain. I like FLAC.

  4. @PuX

    Well, that's the way the ball bounces, I suppose. Though, technically speaking, the data dropped during a proper compression to 320kbps should be near inaudible unless you're listening on very high grade equipment (and by that, I mean studio.)

    I have pretty good equipment, and I can only notice the differences at very high volumes, and even then it's minimal. FLAC is mostly for archiving, should you ever need a lossless source for encoding replacements for damaged or lost mp3s, etc etc.