Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Colossal nutbladder failure

{EDIT} Some kind souls have pointed out that in the lighter-colored images, you can make out a small hair or string that got caught on the scanner bed. It's not very noticeable, but anyone with moderate skill in photoshop (not me, basically) could fix it easily. My apologies!!{/EDIT}

The Shadow of The Colossus doujin "Kyozou Musume" got here sooner than expected, and I got it scanned sooner than expected as well! If you downloaded that previous megaupload file on the net full of the fuzzy photos of the pages, delete that and get right on this. These are high-quality scans.

Kyozou Musume is a Shadow of The Colossus fanbook done by Shigatake, the artist of the ever hilarious Habanero-tan comics. The focus of the book is the moefication of the monsters present in the game-- and the results are USUALLY sexy or cute.

About the filesize...Um, well, colossal filesize for colossal girls? The artwork is absolutely beautiful in this book, and I was getting some nastiness in the scans at 400dpi, so I did it in 600dpi! Print them on poster paper, hang them on your walls! Make pillow cases with them-- you can do neat things with resolutions so high.

Okay, I'll level with you. I was just too exhausted to go back and scale all of them down half a size; but when it comes to graphic arts, I'd say it's better to have more than you need than too little. I'm sure someone could find good use for them.

Go get it!
(C77)Shadow of The Colossus - Kyozou Musume


  1. Well thank you sir, as I had been excited for this for a while. Good show, good show

  2. Omg. 1,000+ Internets for you. Thanks so much!

  3. When i find only 29 pictures in 493 mb zip i was disapointed, but i find, thanks to you, very nice pictures.

    Good Work sir.

  4. I will gladly bear your children, for i am extremely grateful

  5. @Anonymous

    If you're female, this can be arranged. If not, prepare your butt-pussy for imminent entry.

  6. got a mediafire link?

  7. @Anonymous

    Mediafire doesn't accept uploads over 400mb.

  8. If you were the one who scanned what we just scanlated, on behalf of the Rabbits, I give mad props to you.


  9. @prophet

    Goodness. Yes, I was the one who scanned this. It's good to see someone doing something with it aside from uploading it to moe.imouto!

    I won't demand it, since it's not really why I did this, but it would be nice if you gave me a nod on your page or something.

  10. Just wanted to confirm. Us Rabbits, we're firm believers in the ol' "credit where credit's due" thing.

  11. So you are the one who translated this!
    I LOVE it! Had it for a while now, continue with these reat pieces everyone seems to miss!

    // Yours Sincerily M