Monday, April 26, 2010

Franken Fran Chapter 38

Who said our Franken Fran releases only went up to chapter 30? [/Kubo]

Yes, it is true! More Fran! We pick up with Champion RED scans provided by the awesome Vexed.

This starts on chapter 38, and we will fill in the gap once volume 5 becomes available to order.

Go on, git!


  1. awesome to the max! thanks so much for this! Oh and any idea when the fifth volume is going to come out?

  2. Man this chapter was really good, I better get out more or I'll probably become something akin to a sea squirt myself...
    But seriously, highschool setting, love drama and that bit at the very end was sort of beautiful- and a bit disgusting.

    Here's hoping for some more officer Kuhou.
    Good job on this, looking forward to more!

  3. Thanks for the scan! Hopefully volume five comes out soon.

  4. @Anonymous

    Volume 5 still not available for pre-order anywhere. I check every couple days, so I'll be sure to say something once I see it.

  5. I died...of happiness.

    I hope the guys in Onemanga can get their shit together.

  6. Theres no spoiler that might have to do with Volume 5 in this chapter is there?

  7. Yea,One Manga has taken Franken Fran down,some bullshit about it being "adult" so if you all please stop going to that site.

    I'll be here and keeping up with Fran.

    Keep it up guys!

  8. Yeah, OneManga and Mangafox got scared because of the google ads, that's why they had to take everyhint adult down even if it isn't really adult.(a lot of comedy manga got taken down because they had a "loli" tag, despite obviously not being lolicon)

    though i heard there are still some sites left like mangatoshokan

  9. Well regardless, sites like OneManga and Mangafox helps draw more attention to your works, right?

    I'm fortunate that I can take any translations straight from you but you're gonna service alot less people if they decide to remove it for good.

    Or maybe you are doing this to service yourself, I don't really know ;). I'm glad you make the effort though.

  10. Well, Franken Fran IS adult, thought not very erotic. Well, maybe the first extra...and some random scenes.

    Weird that American way, mutilation, shooting, torturing - all OK, but god help you if it has nipples.

  11. >Theres no spoiler that might have to do with Volume 5 in this chapter is there?


    Seriously, we don't know. None of us have read any of the content that will make up volume 5, so we can't say. It doesn't look like there is, though. Fran is pretty episodic.

    >you're gonna service alot less people if they decide to remove it for good. Or maybe you are doing this to service yourself, I don't really know

    I must admit, part of why I got to working on this with Hox was so me and my friends could get to read more Fran. We love it. Hox loves it, too.

    I think Fran is a series that deserves more attention than it gets. Regardless of what happens with mangafox or onemanga, we'll keep doing it, because we don't REALLY care about online reading sites that much. People who want to get it know where to find it now. However, if onemanga allows Fran to be submitted again, like mangafox, I will continue to do so.

  12. 'sup from Gurochan

    I just came to tell you that we owe you many, many brix to shit.

  13. I'm getting withdrawal symptoms from lack of Franken Fran lately, status update?

  14. Hello from the internet, just wanted to say thank you for translating this for us :D. Now that onemanga took it down more people are coming straight to you to look for their fix =)

  15. @Anonymous

    Patience is a virtue, my unknown friend. Volume 5 is still not available yet, and we don't have the next monthly raws yet.

    Rest assured, as soon as we've got material to work with, we'll work.

    Unfortunately, it won't do them any good! We've got nothing! Nai, nai, nai, nai!

  16. Amuro i have a question the guy who is giving you the raws could find Helen ESP raws too ? is also a Katsuhisa Kigitsu Work. Thanks in advance and keep up with the good work

  17. @Anonymous

    I actually have the first tankouban of Helen ESP (I have found nobody willing to translate it for me, though), but as far as current chapters go, I am not actually certain if it is even still serialized. I know it was being published Weekly Shonen Champion magazine, which is a different publication than Franken Fran, so I don't think our raw provider has it.

    Though, if you want to do some detective work...

    Here is a list of all the titles that have run in that magazine. Getting in contact with the groups for any of those series currently being scanlated may turn up results. Good luck!

  18. I think I love you...

    From briefly scouring the internet, I have found no other Fran source.

    Thus I LOVE YOU. Thankyou so much for your releases! I would hump your leg; however, alas! I don't know where you are! So I will just have to refrain.

  19. @Jenny


    Just my leg? ( ̄へ ̄)

  20. Maybe after volume 5 ;).

    Haha.. Well this is awkward.

  21. Can love bloom on a commentary board?

  22. Otacon, how'd you get in here? The anonymous camouflage?